Phil Opticians offer two kinds of membership – corporate and individual. Members are offered free eye diagnosis, 10% discounts on all orders, and access to products and services with 30 days credit. Phil Opticians has a modern optical laboratory that enables it to deliver quality spectacles and contact lenses.
  • Team of experienced support staff
  • Spectacles delivered within 24 hours
  • Free eye diagnosis available for corporate members

The company has a team of experienced support staff who operate as front office executives. They are able to provide clients with information on primary eye care.

Corporate membership

Phil Opticians encourages companies to look after their employees by including eye care in their medical schemes. Corporate members have access to all products and services with a minimum of 30 days credit. Corporate clients include insurance companies, Government institutions and also private medical institutions. Some of Phil Opticians’ corporate clients:

  • Bank of Zambia
  • Embassy of Sweden
  • Medlink
  • Professional Life Insurance
  • Road Development Agency
  • TN Medical
  • Zambia Air force
  • Zambia Army
  • Zambia State Insurance Company

Individual membership

Individuals are issued with membership cards which highlight all the benefits that come with membership including free eye diagnosis and 10% discounts on all orders. Individual members have the privilege of also using their membership card for their family members and friends to enjoy the same benefits as the card holder.